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Business Services – A Uniting Engine for Growth in Europe

Meeting date20-21 MARCH, 2023
Meeting locationBERLIN

25 Days
10 Hours
35 Minutes
Following the aftermath of the global pandemic, and in light of a rapidly changing world order and pressure for corporate transformations, there has never been a better time for business services leaders in a sector that employs more than 1.5 million people to use their "Uniting Engine" in Europe to prove that peaceful and democratic means are the drivers of economic growth for our nations!

Be part of a discussion that will impact the future

We operate in times of uncertainty and shifting business landscapes. Apart from the challenges stemming from the pandemic, war, inflation, an unfolding energy crisis and supply chain disruption, companies (and countries) need to navigate their way through the labor market revolution, as well as environmental, social and governance requirements that arę influencing the game.

Join us in March 2023 for the first ever ABSL European Forum to:

  • discuss competitive global investment ecosystems
  • discuss external forces and influencing factors like ESG, DIGITAL and TALENT
  • create initiatives that will help in successfully overcoming the major hurdles that lie ahead
  • hear the voice of the business services sector that employs 1.5 million people and plays a strategic role in defining the direction for European growth

Program Highlights

  • Latest economic and political forecasts influencing business in Europe
  • Business services as a uniting engine for growth
  • External forces and key factors for the sector
  • New business services (GBS) models as an enhancer of corporate strategies
  • ESG as a business growth driver
  • Digital talent’s impact on the future of the global economy
  • Metaverse as a strategic redefining factor for businesses
  • Business services (GBS) as a growth engine for cities
Meet Our Speakers
Forum Agenda
Day 1 20 March, 2023
Day 2 21 March, 2023
Day 2 1 June, 2022
    The Venue

    Berlin, Humboldt Carré

    Right in the heart of Berlin between Gendarmenmarkt and Unter den Linden sits Humboldt Carré. A synonym for past and future. Tradition and modernity.

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    We are proud to cooperate with amazing partners that help us making this event possible.

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